SAHA The Precinct

THE PRECINCT is the first feature film from writer/ director, Ilgar Safat and has been selected by the National Committee of Azerbaijan for submission to the 83rd Academy Awards® for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar®. THE PRECINCT is a mysterious drama set in Baku, Azerbaijan and is a co-production between Azerbaijan ("Narimanfilm") and Georgia ("Georgianfilm" & "Bagira Films"). GARIB, a successful, non- conventional photographer from Azerbaijan, with a portfolio dominated by provocative but highly artistic pictures of naked women, is offered a lucrative job in Africa. This however comes at a time when his fiancée, SABINA, being pressured by her mother, society, but above all her own biological clock, is getting tired of his false promises of marriage and needs him to make a commitment. During an excursion to the breathtaking cliffs and ancient cave city of Gobustan, GARIB announces his plans to SABINA, again postponing their wedding, which leads to an argument. GARIB loses control of the car, which crashes, leaving the two lovers unconscious, and the car in flames. Two police officers approach the burning vehicle, but their manner betrays that their intentions are not innocent. They lead the injured couple to the precinct, a secluded and mysterious place, where instead of offering them medical assistance, they begin interrogating and accusing them aggressively. The officers act with great familiarity towards GARIB, surprising him with their detailed knowledge of his past, exposing secrets that even he had managed to bury. From the police file, GARIB is shown some old photographs that he had taken twenty years earlier, bringing back deeply buried memories. GARIB must come to terms with his dread of women or he will not leave the precinct alive.