Homewrecker made it's world premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in their newly created NEXT section. The film won the Best of NEXT Award. Directors (and brothers) Todd and Brad Barnes infuse screwball sensibility into their version of the romantic comedy. The chemistry between the leads is crucial: Ana Reeder revels in her free spirited, no-boundaries role and keeps Margo likeable; Anslem Richardson is perfect as her straight man. Full of jaunty dialogue and subtle charm, HOMEWRECKER is an irresistible and impressive debut feature. Mike (Anslem Richardson) is a locksmith. He’s also a prisoner on work release, but you wouldn’t know it. He’s just trying to focus on his house calls and reconcile with his ex-girlfriend�"until Margo (Ana Reeder) hijacks his day. A live-wire kook, who’s certain her boyfriend is cheating on her, Margo bulldozes Mike into spying on the alleged cad. The result: an all-day adventure with a (seemingly) stolen vehicle, a visit to an unlikely drug dealer, and a low blood-sugar attack. Potential trouble follows these two around�"but maybe something good will come of it? HOMEWRECKER is an adventure that has nothing to do with car chases or explosions but is nail-biting nonetheless. Mike is doing what he can to make the best of a bad situation. Just when he thinks he’s got things under control, Margo throws him another curve ball and they’re off in fresh direction. Her beguiling charm and damsel in distress cajoling keep him caught up in her spell when what he really needs to do is get the van back intact to Elite Lock and Key. It’s one of those days in New York that starts out like any other, but turns into an unforgettable experience shared by two people joined by happenstance and a yearning to be loved. HOMEWRECKER is imbued with wry humor offering its audience moments that make you shake your head and wonder about the oddness of humanity.