The Pill

THE PILL - written and directed by J.C. Khoury - stars Noah Bean (Damages, Morning Glory), Rachel Boston (500 Days of Summer), Anna Chlumsky (In the Loop), Al Thompson (The Royal Tenenbaums), and Dreama Walker (Gossip Girl). THE PILL goes like this... It happens. You meet somebody at a bar, one thing leads to another, and the next thing you know you wake up wondering (and maybe regretting) what went down the night before. Such is the case for Fred (Noah Bean), who starts to panic when his one night stand, Mindy (Rachel Boston), informs him that even though she's not on birth control, “she knows her body” well enough so that she’s not particularly concerned about the possible ramifications of their casual, little tryst. Mindy may be chill, but Fred certainly isn’t. Visions of paternity dance anxiously in his mind. He needs a failsafe. Pretending to pursue a relationship, but in actuality shepherding her to ensure that she ingests a couple of doses of the “morning after” pill ��" 12 hours apart ��" Fred gets Mindy to spend the day with him. While last night’s adventure involved just the two of them, the day after has them dealing awkwardly with Mindy’s ex-boyfriend, her off-kilter immigrant parents, and Fred’s overbearing girlfriend Nelly (Anna Chlumsky). As hour twelve approaches, the free spirited Mindy grows on the overly anxious Fred, making him wonder if she is just what he needs. A tale of young singles in Manhattan, THE PILL takes an honest and poignantly funny look at casual dating in the big city.