Captain Abu Raed

Writer/director Amin Matalqa's feature length universal story of friendship, inspiration, and heroism and winner of the Dramatic World Cinema Audience Award at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, tells a gripping poignant story of an airport janitor who is mistaken for an airline pilot by a group of children living in his modest neighborhood. Through his fictional stories, Abu Raed takes the children to colorful places around the world, and inspires them to believe in their own abilities. Starring Nadmin Sawalha, Nadim Sawalha, Hussein Al-Sous, Rana Sultan, Udey Al-Qiddissi, Ghandi Saber, Dina Raad-Yaghnam, Captain Abu Raed is Jordan's official selection in this year's competition for a Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award. It is also competing for Best Actor (Nadim Sawalha) and Best Original Score (Austin Wintory). dominion3 is currently working on the Awards campaign. The film received the John Schlesinger Award at the 2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival. Beginning in July 2009, Captain Abu Raed will be released theatrically in select cities across the U.S. by distributor NeoClassics Films.