Feature Films

dominion3 representatives have a proven track record in conducting feature film unit publicity, festival and release campaigns on a coastal or national level.

dominion3 publicists have established media contacts with daily, weekly and long-lead print publications, electronic outlets and online sites. dominion3 prides itself on their relationships with editors, film critics, producers, producer's representatives and distributors.

Mulberry Child
Award Winning filmmaker Susan Morgan Cooper (An Unlikely Weapon: The Eddie Adam’s Story) documentary feature film - MULBERRY CHILD - narrated by Golden Globe and Emmy … more
The Pill
THE PILL - written and directed by J.C. Khoury - stars Noah Bean (Damages, Morning Glory), Rachel Boston (500 Days of Summer), Anna Chlumsky (In the Loop), Al Thompson (The … more
The Moleman of Belmont Avenue
Filmmakers Mike Bradecich and John LaFlamboy feature film, THE MOLEMAN OF BELMONT AVENUE is fast becoming a cult classic as it makes its way through the festival circuit. … more
Lost and Found in Armenia
Lost and Found In Armenia is the first-ever all Armenian-financed major motion picture currently being shot in the U.S. and Armenia. Jamie Kennedy and Angela Sarafyan sta … more
Gang Girl
“The docu-film Gang Girl takes a look at a mother’s attempt to save her daughter from street life every way she knows how. Valerie’s camera penetrates the parties, the … more
The Third Testatment
The Third Testament will have it's national DVD release March 8th, 2011. In this nail-biting feature film debut from writer-director Matt Dallmann, the mysterious disappea … more
Handsome Harry
They call him “Handsome” Harry Sweeney (Jamey Sheridan). At 52, the Vietnam veteran has kept his rugged good looks. Everyone likes Harry, an electrician by trade who lo … more
SAHA The Precinct
THE PRECINCT is the first feature film from writer/ director, Ilgar Safat and has been selected by the National Committee of Azerbaijan for submission to the 83rd Academy Awa … more

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